What we do

Whether you are planning an extension to your home, building something new, or just some alterations, some people’s first port of call is to a builder, others may go to a “Chartered Architect”. This does not always have to be the case.
If you go via a builder, you will usually need plans drawn up anyway, but be tied up to that Builder, if to an “Chartered Architect”, you may be spending money unnecessarily.

To draw upon the services of Philip J Clay Architectural Design, you will be provided with full Professional advice on the best ways for your project to proceed, what you may achieve for your money and be guided through the complexities of the Local Authority processes of Planning permission and the Building Regulations approvals, and the process of choosing a builder.

A phone call to Philip Clay, will arrange a site visit, when all the practicalities and formalities regarding your proposal can be explained. Advice will be given on design and whether or not your proposal may be acceptable to your Local Authority, usually the District, Borough or City Council (In Brighton and Hove). Although no granting of Planning Permission can be guaranteed, and nothing should be taken for granted until the permission has been given!  Use the arrows below to step through the process..


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